Donald Trump Coronavirus *SHOCKING NEWS* Donald Trump & Melania Trump COVID-19 Positive

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About Donald Trump

Donald Trump is born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York City, and the 45th  and current president of United States, we can say that he is using his emperor upon all over the world, every country of this world know him and also his strength.

He is great in politics and everybody praises him about his works, he has maintain the whole USA from the damages of other country and also protective. He has the power that other country couldn’t get a fight them face to face, America has all the powerful weapons which contains the energy to damage, harm the whole universe.

President Trump maintains all of this and gives good speeches to their citizens, which makes him a great and powerful leader.

Donald J. Trump

How is Donald Trump?

According to experts, there is saying everywhere that Trump is positive and facing the disease of the global pandemic COVID-19.

In an interview with FOX News, Donald Trump has said that he has been suffering positive of Corona report. A senior administration official confirmed reports Trump was given oxygen at the White House on Friday before going to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

And there is saying that the next two days could be “tough” but underscored the president’s improvement, it isn’t enough the campaign manager of trump – Bill Stepien, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and top White House aide Hope Hicks have also tested positive.

But on the other hand that Trump’s health has shown unbelievable improvement since Friday morning, and health specialists are also saying that the next two days could be tough for him and they’re taking very care of President Trump.

According to health specialists, Trump has made substantial progress in the COVID-19, and fever-free and finished his second dose of the experimental treatment. The doctor of White House said that the President was fatigued, but in good spirits, in a tweet after being hospitalized, Trump thought that he is doing well.

On October 3, Saturday

The president’s doctor reports Trump no longer has a fever and is not on supplemental oxygen, as of Friday evening.

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr, said that he tested negative for COVID-19.

“I tested negative so I’ll give it a few more days out of an abundance of caution and test again and if I’m clear I’ll be back to work asap,” he wrote on Twitter.

He also thanked to all the well wishers and their family.

The US President causes from a deadly virus amid a worldwide pandemic, on this he sought to minimize the risks of the coronavirus since it first emerged.

Also in the video posted on Saturday evening, Trump says he is doing well and expects to be back soon with the same power and energy, which he used to be with.

In the video President said that Melania Trump is also doing well after testing positive, noting that because she is younger she is less likely to face serious consequences from the virus. She is handling the virus “statistically, like it’s supposed to be handled,” the president said. Melania Trump is 50.

Donald Trump

“Look ridiculous in a mask” – Donald Trump

Moreover, Trump who is known as a great leader and especially appearance on television, has also told that he fears that he would look ridiculous in a mask that image he can’t imagine and it will make him different and negative vibes.

But White House leaders say the president hasn’t told them to not to wear mask, his mean to tell you that how would they look when they’d be spotted in White House. Meanwhile, Trump’s reelection campaign has ordered red Trump-branded masks for supporters and is considering giving them away at events or in return for donations.

Wishes given to Trump:

As we know that Trump is suffering from the pandemic disease COVID-19, many leaders of all over the world are wishing for him to look fit and healthy and come in a shape which he used to be with.

Donald Trump thanked to all his well wishers who prayed to God for him, Trump thanked them by his tweet on twitter.

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